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The Beautiful Music All Around Us
Connects creativity, community, and resourcefulness

  • Examines how creativity and community go hand in hand.
  • Sheds light on informal tradition, custom, and wisdom that becomes, in Kenneth Burke’s telling phrase, “equipment for living.”
  • Explores the resourcefulness of individuals, who, like the spiritual, “make a way out of no way.”

Unites us in our humanity

  • Tells the stories of these performers who, like artists anywhere, give personal testimonials through their art.
  • Looks at fundamental questions of unity and diversity in American society and how we build upon common experience.
  • Illustrates how American lives interconnect across cultural divides.

Celebrates music that extends from one generation to the next

  • Reveals how music transfers over time and region to be recreated in new forms and styles.
  • Demonstrates that art is wherever you find it.
  • Illuminates how these exceptional performers speak to the promise of American life.